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Meet Our Therapist

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Hello! My name is Colleen Kaatz and I have been practicing my craft as massage therapist and bodyworker for over 25 years! There a two things I love the most about being a massage therapist. First, I love getting to know my clients! Second, I love doing what I can, using what I know and been trained to do, to benefit my clients! Although I have  had over 24 years to study my craft and add more modalities to my massage "tool box", I still find my best asset to be my intuition. Our minds and bodies are complex and no two people are alike. That makes it a challenge for me that I gladly accept. It also keeps me loving what I do, and my clients loving how they feel!

I have studied many modalities over the years since graduating from the New Hampshire Institution of Therapeutics Arts in 1993. I have included and described some of these on this website. I do not follow any specific protocol for any of these modalities because, as mentioned earlier, I feel each client to be unique and may require multiple techniques during a session. My clients and I enjoy this freedom of intuitive therapy. I am hoping that you will also!

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